This page discusses traditional Vedic astrology reports, such as the Ascendant and Nakshatra, and their effect on Tim Rice's mind, body, and soul. The description is based on the text sourced from Vedic Astrology books.

Index of Kundali Reports

Traditional Vedic Astrology findings providing general insights into an individual's mind, body, and soul.
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Ascendant Report

Ascendant is considered to be the point of self-awareness and the lens through which an individual views the world.

Taurus is your ascendant and is rising at 7º12'9.99" degree.

About Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull and is ruled by the Venus. Being born with Taurus zodiac you are very fond of materialistic comfort. Your personality will be arresting and lovely. In your early days of life many obstacles will come your way which will slow your progress but these past experiences will shape your future. You are a very opportunistic person but that doesn't makes you a selfish one. Most of the time you are very kind, generous and helpful to your loved ones and the people around you. Rich and powerful personalities can easily influence you because of your similar liking and interest in fashion and costly desires. You are fond of music and singing.


Physical Characteristic

Being a Taurus ascendant your physical appearance is generally bottom-lined by a robust physique. You are not very tall but are rather short or of an average height. Your features are sharp and beautiful. You might gain weight by not indulging in much of the physical activities.


You have a very good intuition with sharp memory. Most of the time you tend to be peaceful but if provoked can get furious. Interms of relationships you are bit possessive and desire complete loyalty from your partner. You sometimes become very impulsive when it comes to sexual matters.

Unique Characteristic

You are a very down to earth and practical person. Interms of skill set you are good in communication, writing and singing. You have the talent to earn money from various sources in a variety of ways.

Health Condition

As a Taurus ascendant you generally possess a good health. You are endowed with a strong physique and usually enjoy a healthy life during your childhood. However, as you love eating good food you may gain extra weight if left unmonitored. This can adversely impact your health.

Professional Life

You initially tend to have a very slow progress in your professional life. After doing hardwork you are most likely to be positioned in the government or private sector. But in the meanwhile you have to face challenges and failures.

Personal Life

You are very romantic and passionate. Your sexual life is very intense. You have a happy and blessed married life.

Nakshatra Report

Nakshatra of a person influences his/her personality, strengths, weaknesses, and experiences.

Your Nakshatra is Uttara Phalguni - 1.

About Uttara Phalguni

Uttara Phalguni: The Star of Patronage (Leo 26 40’ to Virgo 10 00’). Uttara Phalaguni is formed by two stars at the tail of the Lion. “Straight be the paths and thornless on which friends will travel to present our suit. May Aryaman and Bhaga lead us together! May heaven grant us a stable marriage! Rig Veda X.85.23

The word Uttaraphalguni means “the latter redish one” is ruled by sun and has strong mercury influence. This is the 12th nakshatra of the zodiac ruled by Sun. This nakshatra spans from 26°-40' in Leo to 10°-00' in Virgo. The symbol for this service oriented lunar mansion is a healing bed or two legs of a cot. This is the “social worker” nakshatra who is always helping the friend in need. They possess great skills in the healing arts and counseling fields. These natives have a manushya or human temperament, while their primary motivation is moksha or spiritual liberation. The deity is Aryaman, the God of Patronage and happiness and son of Aditi, the Cosmic Mother. The shakti associated with this asterism is “the power of giving prosperity thru marriage”. The ruling planet is the Sun and reflects the ability to shine their healing light on those with whom they come into contact. Uttaraphalguni indicates both the need for union and for organizing the resources gained through it. The native may reveal yogic powers and encourage the exploration of life’s deep miseries.


Called the “star of patronage” kindness and compassion for humanity are experienced here. This asterism creates leaders in their fields who are stable and successful with many qualities. You are always happy, helping people around showering their kindness and charity. Your attitude has elements of royalty and you are extremely kind hearted and sincere. You are also very honest and truthful and will never be a part of something that is wrong or illegal. Spiritual growth and mental expansion can take an individual to great heights with well-directed efforts here. You are straightforward and you do not like to taken granted by others. You are very ambitious and also possesses patience. You are generous, kind, loving, determined, confident and have high sense of self-esteem. You love beauty, decoration, arts, music etc.

Male Native
The male natives of this nakshatra are usually tall and fat with large countenance and long nose. You are very well behaved and has great respect for others and their feelings. You are sincerely committed and dedicated to you work. You are also quite religious and spiritual and people love you for all your charity and social work. Sometimes when you heat up it becomes quite a challenge to cool you down. However later you repent your actions and will try your best to undo any damage that he might have done in the fit of your rage. You are never afraid of accepting your mistakes, which sets him apart from the rest. You are very independent. You do not like cheating or deceiving others and at the same time will also not tolerate anyone deceiving you. You can do pretty well in his job and achieve great success and fame. Once you take a decision it becomes very difficult for someone to change it.

Physical Characteristics

You are believed to have handsome look along with strong physique. Some of you may be tall body and some may be fat. You have good eyesight. You may have mole on the chest and face.


The important and defining characteristics of the natives belonging to this nakshatra is benevolence. Courage, endurance ambition and fighting for righteous causes may be observed. You are known to be respectful, obedient and knowledgeable. You have strong body and good eyesight. You are ambitious as well as ethical at work. The respectful, obedient and knowledgeable characteristic makes you most likely in the society. You do not easily lose patience or temper. You behave in a matured and rational way, giving room for the opinion of others. You are very generous and kind and with such qualities you win over the hearts of their friends, as well as their enemies. You are very careful about their money and spend it judiciously. You do not like getting into conflicts or disputes with others.


Sometimes you may also face deep sense of loneliness if not involved in meaningful relationships. Issues of co-dependency and over-giving may be present. You are obsessed with cleanliness. Sometimes you may have an unsteady mind which is willing to commit sins. You can also be ungrateful to others at times. A danger meddling in tantra and black magic can occur because of desire to control others. The animal symbol of this nakshatra is bull which reflect a determined but stubborn nature.

Career Interest

Social workers, philanthropists, charitable work, Healing arts, state health officials, Writers, actors and media personalities, Astrologers, astronomers and mathematicians, Sales and public relations, business minded people, successful.

Famous Personalities (same Nakshatra)

Anne Heche, Serena J Williams, Sharada Devi, Karenjit Kaur Vohra (Sunny Leoni), Gabriela Sabatini, Maushmi Chaterjee, Onica Tanya Maraj (Nicki Minaj), Sharmila Tagore, Sushma Swaraj, Agatha Christie, Sophia Loren, Harrison William Henry, Leo Tolstoy, Rajesh Khanna, William Wordsworth, Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Jackson, John Tyler, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sean Connery, Steve Irwin, Virat Kohli, Deepak Chopra, Josip Broz Tito, Donald Rumsfield, Mel Gibson, Nathu Ram Godse, Rodrigo Duterte, Oliver Stone, Ken Kesey, Michael Douglas, Ray Charles