This page discusses traditional Vedic astrology reports, such as the Ascendant and Nakshatra, and their effect on Syd Mead's mind, body, and soul. The description is based on the text sourced from Vedic Astrology books.

Index of Kundali Reports

Traditional Vedic Astrology findings providing general insights into an individual's mind, body, and soul.
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Ascendant Report

Ascendant is considered to be the point of self-awareness and the lens through which an individual views the world.

Virgo is your ascendant and is rising at 17º42'32.74" degree.

About Virgo

Virgo is an Earth zodiac sign represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture and ruled by the planet Mercury. Born under this sign you are a person who doesn't open to everyone very easily. Your true nature is not easily noticed. To your new surroundings and habitats you get easily adjustable. Being inventive you improve upon things. You lack self confidence.You like to give up your ideas and schemes when hyou face difficulties and make up your mind slowly or never.


Physical Characteristic

You are tall, slim and have beautiful expressive eyes with broad forehead. You tend to have thick eyebrows and dark brown shiny hair. You carry yourself with confidence.


You are secretive and never speak openly about your feelings. Emotionally you have an ability to find inner happiness and stay optimistic. You are sometimes dominating and love to use your power or intelligence to get what you want.

Unique Characteristic

You have strong talent for organization and analysis.You are lucky in gaining material comforts.You have strong emotional bond between friends.Career is utmost important for you.

Health Condition

You have eccentric attitude towards hygine and health.You tend to worry about almost everything.You are inherently anxious and stress yourself more often. It could lead to severe anxiety and nervous breakdown.Virgo ascendants are also prone to depression.

Professional Life

You often tend to be more successful in the fields of science, philosophy and management. You can be a successful artist, musician, scientist or manager.

Personal Life

You are blessed with a happy and prosperous married life. You are very lucky in respect of your wives or husband.

Nakshatra Report

Nakshatra of a person influences his/her personality, strengths, weaknesses, and experiences.

Your Nakshatra is Rohini - 3.

About Rohini

Rohini: The Star of Ascent – (Taurus 10 00’ to 23 20’). Rohini, known as “the red one” correlates with the rose star Aldeberan, the red eye of the Bull constellation.

The word Rohini means a ‘the red cow’, ‘glowing red one’, rosy blushing lady. The word is derived from "Rohan" which means 'to rise' or 'to bring into existence'. The symbol of Rohini is 'Bull pulling a cart of abundant produce’, ‘temple’ and ‘Banyan tree’. Rohini was the Moon's favorite wife. This is the fourth nakshatra of the zodiac, ruled by the planet moon. It spreads from 10°-0' in Taurus to 23°-20' in Taurus. The other name of Rohini is Sun - the celestial cow. 'Rohini' is the wife of Moon who is said to have been fond of fine dress, cosmetics and décor and was the most beloved of Moon. Rohini provides movement toward the divine as well as a place of worship. The sacred banyan tree is the home of the Goddess of the ancient Indus Valley civilization. It has a manushya, or human temperament, with a primary motivation of moksha, or spiritual liberation. The divine Krishna is said to have had both his Moon and Ascendant in this lunar mansion. The primary deities are Brahma and Prajapati, the creators of the universe. The shakti experienced here is the ability to “foster growth and creation”. Rohini, also known as ‘star of ascent, gives rise to prominence and influence in society.


You soft spoken, affectionate towards husband or wife and you behave well. You may have critical attitude. Your critical attitude towards everything and everybody develops, unless checked, into a disposition to find fault continually. You are efficient in religious activities. You are hard-working people. Since Rohini is located in the head of Taurus the bull, an obstinate bull-headed nature may occur at times. Issues with jealousy and possessiveness might be observed. You may tend to be desirous with sensory attachments.

Male Native
Rohini Nakshatra male is good looking and charming. You are fit and have attractive eyes. However, you are prone to fits of rage if you are angry and will take a long time to calm down. You are stubborn and obstinate when it comes to listening to the advice of others.

Physical Characteristics

You are charming and attractive personality with magnetic eyes. You may have small forehead but have an astonishing appearance. Beauty, sensuality, charisma and charm can be reflected here. You may suffer from cold and cough, sore throat, poor dietary habit, venereal diseases etc.


You are expert and a charismatic leader. You are honest, grateful and charitable. You are not desirous of unlawful things. You are agriculturists, experts, well-behaved, handsome, good speakers and poets. Although you are good speaker, you are a good listener too. You are famous and well known. You wealthy and talented.


You may be orthodox. You can also be greedy and are involved in indulgence and materialism. You seek luxury without considering the price. So you may ‘win the kingdom, but loose your soul’. You may have the lack of endurance and patience. You may have the lack of purpose and stability.

Career Interest

Fashion designers, models and actors, Artists, poets, writers, musicians, and dancers, Restaurant, hotel management and dignified positions of authority, Agriculture, food products, herbalists and real estate, Politicians and consultants

Famous Personalities (same Nakshatra)

Shri Krishna, Werner Erhard, Sigmund Freud, JKF, Marilyn Monroe, Babu Jagjivan Ram, Barrack H Obama, Francis R Scobee, Roger Moore, Sourav Ganguly, Tim Kaine, Benito Mussolini, Jackie Chan, John McEnroe, Millard Fillmore, Pope Ven Pius XII, Rutherford B Hayes, Vinobha Bhave, Virendra Sehwag, Omar Sharif, Christopher Lee, John Turner, Karl Benz, Prem Nath Malhotra, Sigmund Freud, T S Eliot, Julia Gillard, Lady Bird Johnson, Amelia Earhart, Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, Milica B (Milla) Jovovich, Pratibha Patil, Priyanka Chopra, Rohini Hattangadi, Steffi Graf, Yoseph Alicia Machado, Queen Victoria