This page discusses traditional Vedic astrology reports, such as the Ascendant and Nakshatra, and their effect on Pierluigi Martini's mind, body, and soul. The description is based on the text sourced from Vedic Astrology books.

Index of Kundali Reports

Traditional Vedic Astrology findings providing general insights into an individual's mind, body, and soul.
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Ascendant Report

Ascendant is considered to be the point of self-awareness and the lens through which an individual views the world.

Leo is your ascendant and is rising at 12º28'16.98" degree.

About Leo

Leo is a fire zodiac sign which is represented by the lion. It is ruled by the Sun. Born with this zodiac you are very image conscious and possess huge pride and self-esteem. Respect and dignity are the things you crave for. You are not involved in any such doing that tarnishes your image and honour. You are a bit commanding and little bit egoistic.You are not a people pleaser and love to make your own rules and want the things to work on your way.


Physical Characteristic

Since you have born in Leo Ascendant you may have broad upright body with medium to tall height. Your face is usually oval in shape with yellow tint in your eyes.Your chin is quite noticeable and prominent.


You are self absorbed and often like to put yourself on a throne.You are very calculative.You have emotional nature and profound feelings regarding your beliefs.You have strong psychic potential and are fortunate with inheritance. Solitude an peace of mind is very important for you.

Unique Characteristic

You are very aspiring and ambitious. You may be short-tempered many times but is full of enthusiasm.

Health Condition

You may suffer from health difficulties in your life. Over dedication towards your work schedules tend to overburden you with stress and exhaustion. Hence you are many times prone to nervous breakdown and anxieties.

Professional Life

You tend to do a lot of hard work and it doen't pay you much. This often disappoints you and you become frustrated. You are most likely to be in professions like IT, Doctor or a reputed businessman.

Personal Life

You have a lot of affection for your childrens and is a very good parent. Your married life is very balanced. You are very romantic specially in bedroom.

Nakshatra Report

Nakshatra of a person influences his/her personality, strengths, weaknesses, and experiences.

Your Nakshatra is Ashlesha - 1.

About Ashlesha

Ashlesha: The Clinging Star – (Cancer 16 40’ to 30 00’). The nakshatra Ashlesha is formed by six stars in the constellation of Hydra, the Water Snake.

The word Ashlesha means 'embraced' and the symbol is coiled serpent. The coiled serpent at the base of the spine, reflecting the potent kundalini energy that resides here. This is the ninth mystical nakshatra spanning from 16°-40' to 30°-00' in Karaka house. Ashlesha also means “the entwiner” and denotes the challenges of our addictions to sensory attachments. It is a very mental asterism ruled by Mercury and located in the sign of Cancer ruled by Moon. It is the birth star of Ketu. The force of Ashlesha can be understood by its name Naga. The main deities are the Nagas, the Serpent Kings. The lunar mansion is symbolized by coiled snake and its deity is Ahi, the naga serpent or serpent of wisdom. Ashlesha people may have “snake eyes” that can penetrate to the depths of understanding and explore the steamy caverns of the soul. The serpent is symbol of divine wisdom, protection, sexuality, protection as well as danger trouble and unexpected attack. It has the power to inflict with poisonous venom (visisasleshana Shakti). They have the power to paralyze its enemy with its hypnotic gaze. The shakti revealed here is the “power to inflict poisonous venom”. The Buddha had this nakshatra rising under a benefic full Moon during his blessed birth. The King Cobra protected the Buddha from the storms of life as he performed his tapas (spiritual austerities) under the bodhi tree.


You are very thoughtful, philosophical, penetrating mind. A reclusive, austere, independent and self- reliant attitude is observed. A magnetic sensual, seductive nature can be present. You are cruel, courageous and prone to fits of anger. You are born wanderer. You love music arts and drama. You are a good listener. You have love for inferior class.

Male Native
He will not be grateful to anybody even to those who have given him life. Outwardly he tends to show that he is very sincere and would like to share the tragedy of others but he is not like that. He is very talkative. One of the added advantages is that he can attract people with hypocritical words and he is fit to man various organizations. A positive trait of spellbinding orator, and ability to head many organisations. You can have a bright future in politics. You are fit for even a country’s leadership as you don’t discriminate between rich, poor, good, or bad people.

Physical Characteristics

You are usually medium built, and might have square or round face. You have sparkling eyes and brows. Your appearance is fairly good. Lips and mouth might be a little big. Due to the effect of mercury they have a beautiful body and personality. You may possess rude appearance, having stout body and rude features but inside built up is void. Your disease resistant capacity is limited and tend to put on weight in the middle age.


Ashleshans have a rakshasa temperament with a primary motivation of dharma. Great mystical talents and enlightenment can be experienced if the primordial energy of this lunar asterism is harnessed. You have a quite magnetic personality. You are very intelligent and philosophical. You are courageous and can conquers enemies.


You have a melancholy mind with worries, fear, and mental instability. Although you are very sharp, you may also have hot temper and anger as weakness. You cannot tolerate any type of personal humiliation. Due to Mercury/Moon influence a sensitive nervous system, psychic vulnerability and self-deception may be present. You can be crafty elusive and have tendency to lie. Your act may provoke others. You are lethargic and poor ability.

Career Interest

Writers, teachers, lawyers, Astrologers, psychics and mystics, Snake charmers, zoologists, Stock market, speculative ventures, business skills, Drug dealers, chemists, prostitution and gambling interests, Sex therapists, addiction counselors.

Famous Personalities (same Nakshatra)

Marilyn Monroe, Sri Aurobindo, Buddha, Muhammad Ali, James Earl Ray, Lyndon Johnson, Aleister Crowly, Queen Elizabeth of England, Charlize Theron, Megan Fox, Katie Holmes, Jane Fonda, Dhyan Chand, Jawahar lal Nehru, Manmohan Singh, Tom Hanks, Mao Zedong, Sachin Dev Burman, Robert Koch, Shirdi Sai Baba, Grover Cleveland, Pierre Trudeau, M K Gandhi, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mohammad Azharuddin, Prince Philip Mountbatten, Paul McCartney, Oscar Wilde, Jerry Falwell