This page discusses traditional Vedic astrology reports, such as the Ascendant and Nakshatra, and their effect on JeanPierre C's mind, body, and soul. The description is based on the text sourced from Vedic Astrology books.

Index of Kundali Reports

Traditional Vedic Astrology findings providing general insights into an individual's mind, body, and soul.
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Ascendant Report

Ascendant is considered to be the point of self-awareness and the lens through which an individual views the world.

Capricorn is your ascendant and is rising at 1º21'49.89" degree.

About Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign of the zodiac which is highly disciplined and is ruled by the planet Saturn. Born with this sign you are someone who strongly believes in karma and preservance. You have practical realization towards your life and possess strong relationship with your family specially your mother. Your highly practical and responsible nature is from an early age itself. You love to do your work in a calm and composed way instead of getting into hurry. You are bit conservative in your own bubble and may find little difficulty in absorbing the new ideas. You are secretive and doesn't shares your emotions easily.


Physical Characteristic

You are tall, youthful with charming personality. Your hairs are of prominent black and brown color with bushy eyebrows. Men have hairy chest. You most certainly have a large head and big teeths.


You have an eccentric attitude towards finances.You tend to have highly critical views and want to achieve perfection in everything. You are very practical and doesn't spends much time one emotions.

Unique Characteristic

You are confident in handling or borrowing money.You keep a very practical approach towards life.You are capable of doing works that can have large impact on society. Sometimes your relations with your mother become fiery or volatile.

Health Condition

You do not get sick easily.The sensitive areas of concern are your knees, joints and bones. This makes you vulnerable to arthritis,neuralgia,rheumatism and orthopaedic problems.

Professional Life

The various fields in which you are most likely to excel are education, science, computer science, air force and literature. You are often a good politician. You take your job very seriously and is very ambitious.

Personal Life

You are very adaptive depending upon the various circumstances. Because of this your married life is extremely peaceful and harmonious.

Nakshatra Report

Nakshatra of a person influences his/her personality, strengths, weaknesses, and experiences.

Your Nakshatra is Mula - 4.

About Mula

Mula: The Foundation Star/ Crouching Lion (Sagittarius 00 00’ to 13 20’). Mula is formed by a group of stars around the tail of the Scorpion.

Mula translates as the “root” or original star, which is symbolized as a tied bunch of roots. It is located around the galactic center of our universe. The ruling planetary deity is Ketu, the South Node of the Moon. which reflects the mystical nature of this asterism. The primary deity is Nirritti, the Goddess of Destruction. She lives in the Kingdom of the Dead and is associated with the powerful goddess, Kali. The shakti revealed here is “the power to ruin, destroy, and to break things apart”. The 9/11 tragedy occurred when Mars and Ketu were conjoined near the point of the galactic center in the middle of this intense nakshatra. Mula is a ‘tikshna’ (sharp or dreadful) nakshatra which can be related to an inclination towards black magic, casting spells and punishments. Mula symbol is male dog and their nature is demonic. They may have rakshasa temperament with a primary motivation of kama. Mula connotes the ideas of foundation, commencement, from the very bottom, the chief or principal city or the capital. Mula inflicts pain, but this pain is intended to set person on the right track towards gods-realization. It leads the person to seek divine help. Mula natives have to control passion, for them pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.


You gain the wisdom and knowledge through your hard work. You can also possess may possess a deep philosophical nature and an inquisitive mind that enjoys exploring the roots of any subject. You will be educated to a high level, loved by all, like to sleep much. You are slow and steady in your affairs. You are easy going and have relaxed mood. You are passionate and clever. You live a carefree life without worrying much of the future. They live in the present rather than in the past or future. You have strong faith in yourselves and what you do, which makes it possible to succeed in life and everything you do.

Male Native
You have very sweet nature and are peace loving person. You set principle in his life and follow it. You are good and generous person who helps anybody and everybody in need. You are also good at giving advice to others but rarely implements them in his own life. You are very skillful and knowledgeable and can do well in a variety of professions. However, people fear from you because once You gets angry, nothing can come before him. You can stand against any adverse tidal wave. You have the capacity to penetrate that wave and reach the destination. You are not bothered about tomorrow nor very serious about his own matters. You keep all the happenings in the hands of god and become prey to optimism.

Physical Characteristics

You are endowed with good body besides being bestowed with good limbs and bright eyes. You have ability to handle weapons and tools. Natives of this nakshatra carry immense charm in their persona. You may suffer from some stomach disorders, sciatic nerve troubles, mental vacillation, hip and thigh problem.


You are sincere, committed, independent, intelligent and innovative. You will be financially successful and lead a materially comfortable life. You are hard worker so are able to be educated to a high level. You are powerful, bold and brash activities can occur under its influence. You are also very positive-minded and always remain focused on your goals. You like to achieve perfection in acts and deeds. You also like to be independent. You are cordially associated with relatives.


Moola does not indicate fortune or luck. Mula is often assoiciated with butchers, violence and cruelity. You may be arrogant, egoistic and sometimes do not speak truth. You also tend to be selfish, slow and steady in their affairs and not so active. At times you tend to get into things without proper knowledge and verification of it and thus get into trouble. However, you do easily come out of trouble owing to your positive attitude, but you need to exercise caution. You frequently change your jobs due to your fickle-minded attitude.

Career Interest

Public speaking, writing, Philosophers, spiritual teachers, ministers, Lawyers, politicians, Business people, sales, Doctors, healers and pharmacists.

Famous Personalities (same Nakshatra)

Howard Hughes, Jimmy Swaggart, Al Gore, Dalai Lama, Sri Aurobindo, Emma Watson, Martha Stewart, Amy J Winehouse, Anthony Hopkins, Bharat Bushan, Charles Bronson, Justin Timberlake, Martin Van Buren, Mahipal Singh or Bhandari, Yuri Gagarin, Aurobindo Ghosh, Ayatollah Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, Billy Graham Evengalist, C V Raman, Jacques Chirac, Dwayne Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, Mark David Chapman, Seal Henry Samuel, Howard Hughes, Steven Spielberg, Arthur Clarke, Swami Satchidananda, Henry Miller