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Summary of your numerology study based on your name, birth date, and number.

Whats is Numerology?

Numerology is a system that assigns numbers to letters and dates to understand the energies and vibrations that influence a person's life. It helps predict future events, personality traits, and potential by analyzing the vibrations of names, dates, and numbers. There are multiple branches of numerology, such as Pythagorean Numerology, Chaldean Numerology, Indian Numerology, Kabbalistic Numerology, and Chinese Numerology.

Chaldean numerology is the most accurate and effective system of numerology, offering profound insights into a person's life and destiny. It is based on the unique vibrations of each letter and the calculations derived from the name and birthdate. This system is highly recommended for those seeking accurate and meaningful numerology readings.

AstroNidan follows and practices the Chaldean numerology system, and we have also done our independent statistical validation. The Chaldean system stands best in terms of prediction and accuracy.

Three Numbers of Numerology

1. Pyschic Number - The psychic number is derived from the day of one's birth and reveals a person's inner self, personality, and perception of the world.

2. Destiny Number - The destiny number is calculated by adding the digits of the birth date. It reveals a reveals a person's life purpose, potential, and the path they are destined to follow.

3. Name Number - The name number is calculated by assigning a numerical value to each letter of a person's name and then adding up those values. The name number focuses on the energies and vibrations associated with a person's name

Psychic Number
Destiny Number
Name Number

Psychic Number

Definition, calculation, significance, and interpretation of your Psychic number

What is Psychic Number?

The psychic number, also called the 'Mulaank' or 'Driver' number, is derived from day number of birth date. It is calculated by adding the digits of day number of month until a single digit is obtained. This number reveals a person's inner self, personality, and perception of the world.

What is the significance of Psychic Number?

  1. The psychic number remains active and influential throughout one's life, especially up to ages 35-40. After that, the destiny number becomes more prominent. However, the psychic number never loses its importance.
  2. The psychic number can be influenced by changes like adopting a new name, education, initiation, or marriage. This is because it reflects one's self-image, while the destiny number indicates how one is perceived by others.

The psychic number is a key component of Chaldean numerology that provides insight into a person's personality, motivations, and how they view themselves, separate from societal perceptions

Your Psychic number is 6.

The following content describes the impact of your Psychic number. It includes general characteristics, personality traits, social attributes, and precautions.

Psychic Number

General Charateristics

  1. Birthdays - 6, 15, 24 of any month.
  2. Ruled by Venus - Creative, inventive, and are interested in medicine, alchemy, hypnotism, mesmerism, and the fine arts.
  3. Magnetic and Youthful - Naturally attract others, especially the opposite sex.
  4. Luxury-Loving and Artistic - Appreciate refined taste and beauty.

Personality Traits

  1. Gentle and Soft-Spoken - Kind and considerate in interactions.
  2. Social and Extravagant - Enjoy social gatherings and spending freely.
  3. Travel Enthusiasts - Love traveling, often to foreign lands.
  4. Appearance-Conscious - Pay great attention to personal grooming and presentation.
  5. Orderly - Dislike disorder and keep their environments clean and well-decorated.
  6. Peaceful and Non-Confrontational - Avoid arguments and prefer compromise.
  7. Attractive and Magnetic - Skilled in influencing and seducing women.
  8. Hedonistic and Materialistic - Search for beautiful women and enjoy material comforts.
  9. Non-Spiritual - Often against discipline and spiritual practices.
  10. Health Issues - Susceptible to venereal diseases.

Social Attributes

  1. Tactful and Secretive - Capable of learning secrets without effort and keeping them
  2. Considerate and Kind - Maintain strong family relationships and are empathetic.
  3. Popular and Trusted - Become favorites in social circles due to their sweet manners.
  4. Lucky and Fortunate - Enjoy modern luxuries and facilities before age forty-five.
  5. Sociable - Cannot live alone for long periods.


  1. Avoid Laziness - Stay active to prevent agitation.
  2. Trust Judiciously - Be cautious in trusting others, especially in relationships.
  3. Avoid Arguments - Save energy by not engaging in disputes.
  4. Work at Own Pace - Avoid rushing to prevent mistakes.
  5. Control Emotions - Do not give undue importance to the opposite sex.
  6. Avoid Hard Physical Labor - Not suited for strenuous jobs.
  7. Forgive and Forget - Let go of grudges to protect the nervous system.
  8. Avoid Addictions - Stay away from intoxicants.
  9. Maintain Marital Fidelity - Avoid relationships outside of marriage.
  10. Diet and Exercise - Avoid sweets, oils, and spicy foods; practice breath control, walk regularly, and massage the body.
  11. Organize Life - Arrange schedules and save money for future needs.

Destiny Number

Definition, calculation, significance, and interpretation of your Destiny number

What is Destiny Number?

The destiny number, also called the 'expression' or 'total name number', is calculated by adding the digits of one's full birth date (day, month, year) until a single digit is obtained. This number reveals a person's life path and what they are destined to accomplish.

What is the significance of Destiny Number?

  1. The destiny number allows little freedom of action, but more freedom in reaping the fruits of past karmas. Whatever one sows, they will reap - the residue of past good or bad actions come as assets or debits in this life.
  2. Up to age 35, one learns the lesson that expectations are the real cause of pain. After 35, one has to start compromising their wants and aligning with their destined path, as the destiny number becomes more powerful.
  3. Even if one's destiny number is bad, using positive tools like gems, charity, and a good psychic/name number can create a more supportive inner environment to handle one's destined circumstances.

The fruits of one's karmas, whether good or bad, are unavoidable according to Chaldean numerology. One must accept their destiny with selflessness and perform their duties without attachment to the outcomes.

Your Destiny number is 1.

The following content describes the influence of your Destiny number, including positive and negative traits, its impact on your career and life, as well as your spiritual path.

Destiny Number

Positive Traits

  1. Hardworking - Destiny number 1 individuals work hard to achieve prominence in life.
  2. Lucky - They are favored with a strong mind in a strong body and are considered lucky by others.
  3. Leadership - They become leaders and heads of their circle, able to see the future clearly and plan accordingly.
  4. Organizational - They are known for their forbearance, patience, organizational abilities, and persistence.
  5. Materialistic - They are materialistic, logical, and intellectual.

Negative Traits

  1. Unfortunate in Love - They are unfortunate in matters of marriage and love.
  2. Not Romantic - They are unfortunate in matters of marriage and love.
  3. Mistakes - They can make mistakes, especially during periods when the Sun is weak, which can bring disappointments.

Career and Life

  1. Leadership Roles - They become heads of spiritual organizations, real teachers, and leaders in their fields.
  2. Government Support - They are favored by government officials.
  3. Success - They achieve success without effort and get money unexpectedly.
  4. Storytelling - They become great storytellers.


  1. Materialistic - Destiny number 1 people are primarily focused on worldly achievement and success, making it rare to find a great spiritual leader with 1 as a destiny number.
  2. Spiritual Leaders - They can become heads of spiritual organizations, but they are not naturally inclined towards spirituality.

Destiny 1 Men

  1. Political Career - They become popular and achieve high posts, spending their energy in planning to improve the living situation of the poor.
  2. Ambition - They are highly ambitious, authoritative, and pioneers in their fields.
  3. Business Success - If businessmen, they make their fortunes between thirty-five to forty-nine years of age and save enough to secure their future.
  4. Philanthropy - They devote their time and energy to the welfare of humanity.

Name Number

Definition, calculation, significance, and interpretation of your Name number

What is Name Number?

The name number is obtained by adding the numerical values assigned to the letters in one's full, popular name. This is the name by which one is most known in their worldly dealings.

What is the significance of Name Number?

  1. The name number has a strong influence on one's social life, marriage, and professional success, unlike the psychic or destiny numbers.
  2. Adding or dropping letters in one's name can change the name number, which can either create harmony or problems in relationships and business. The first letter of the full name has the most influence.
  3. Compatibility between the name number, psychic number, and destiny number is important for creating a supportive environment. Harmony between the name and psychic numbers is especially beneficial for friendships and social relationships.
  4. The name number represents the vibrational pattern with which one identifies throughout their life. It plays a key role for professionals like writers, poets, architects, and politicians.

Overall, the name number is a crucial component of Chaldean numerology that provides insights into an individual's social, professional, and even posthumous identity and experiences.

Your Name number is 7.

The following content explains how your Name number influences you and its associated energies and vibrations.

Name Number

First Name

C + H + R + I + S

3 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 3 = 14

Last Name

F + A + R + L + E + Y

8 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 1 = 20

Total Sum = 34

Interpretation of Name Number (7)

The name number 7, when paired with most psychic or destiny numbers (except 1 or 5), is generally considered favorable. Historically, the number 7 has been associated with introspection, spirituality, and a deep quest for knowledge. It is a number often linked with scholars, mystics, and those who seek deeper truths.

When an individual's psychic number matches their name number 7, it amplifies the positive traits of the psychic number, making the person more accepting, friendly, scholarly, sociable, and cosmopolitan. This alignment enhances their universal appeal and ability to connect with diverse groups of people.

If the name number 7 aligns with the destiny number, it positions individuals as pioneers in their fields. They may excel as scholars, writers, artists, social scientists, reformers, or mystics, known for their original thoughts and philosophical perspectives. This alignment often ensures that their names are remembered for their contributions and unique viewpoints.

However, having the psychic number, destiny number, and name number all as 7 can create challenges. Individuals with both psychic and destiny numbers as 7 require special attention, guidance, and care. It is generally advised for these individuals to avoid having 7 as their name number to prevent potential difficulties. Nonetheless, those with a destiny number of 7 do benefit from having their name number also as 7, as it aligns with their life path and enhances their destiny.

Compound Number

Definition, calculation, significance, and interpretation of your Compound number

What is Compound Number?

Compound psychic numbers apply to individuals born on dates from the 10th to the 31st of any month. These numbers involve a combination of two single-digit numbers, unlike the psychic numbers for those born on the 1st to 9th of the month.

What is the significance of Compound Number?

  1. The compound psychic numbers 11, 13, and 22 are considered special numbers deserving separate treatment.
  2. People with compound psychic numbers exhibit slightly different qualities compared to those with single-digit psychic numbers. This is because the combination of two planetary energies responds to situations differently, similar to the conjunction of planets in astrology.

The key point is that compound psychic numbers, formed by dates from the 10th to 31st, involve a blending of two planetary influences that manifests in distinct personality traits and behaviors compared to single-digit psychic numbers.

Your Compound number is 15.

The following content explains how your Name number influences you and its associated energies and vibrations.

Compound Number

Interpretation of Compound Number (15)

The psychic number 15 is a combination of the numbers 1 (Sun) and 5 (Mercury). Both of these planets are associated with intellect, wit, modernism, material success, and popularity.

People born on the 15th of any month are drawn to luxuries, material prosperity, and the fine arts like literature, music, and art. This is because 15 is also a psychic number 6, which is ruled by Venus.

The influence of the Sun brings them popularity, while Mercury makes them more inclined to travel and seek recreation. The Venus influence gives them a love of a free, luxurious, and sensual lifestyle.

Men with this psychic number may be drawn to Tantra, magic, and witchcraft to explore and harness their sensual nature. Women may use these practices to manage their own sensuality.

Those with a psychic number of 15 tend to get more cooperation and help, especially from the opposite sex. They enjoy life, love flowers and fragrances, care for jewelry, and have a charming, youthful personality.

Overall, the psychic number 15 represents a blend of intellectual, material, and sensual qualities that manifest in a vibrant, popular, and pleasure-seeking lifestyle for those born on the 15th of any month.

Number Compatiability

Details on the compatibility, harmony, and interrelationship between psychic, destiny, and name numbers.

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Name Correction

Best suggested name based on your psychic, destiny, and Kundali details.

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