This page discusses traditional Vedic astrology reports, such as the Ascendant and Nakshatra, and their effect on Amy Beach's mind, body, and soul. The description is based on the text sourced from Vedic Astrology books.

Index of Kundali Reports

Traditional Vedic Astrology findings providing general insights into an individual's mind, body, and soul.
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Ascendant Report

Ascendant is considered to be the point of self-awareness and the lens through which an individual views the world.

Scorpio is your ascendant and is rising at 11º2'19.25" degree.

About Scorpio

Scorpio is represented by the mysterious scorpion and is ruled by the planet Mars. Born with Scorpio you are a very secretive and shrewd person. You have a sort of hypnotic power in you that can attract people's attention. You are calm and composed with some purpose in your life. You have a very confident and bold persona. You are a very empathetic and generous person with lots of desires and comfort. Public criticism haunts you.


Physical Characteristic

You have a strong robust body with a medium height and a penetrating gaze. Your appearance is very youthful and jolly. Generally you have black hair with expressive eyes. You are naturally active with competitive attitude.


You have a mysterious and investigative personality. You are more interested in the things that are hidden under the surface. You sometimes tend to be bit sarcastic.

Unique Characteristic

You are fascinated by the topics like sex,occult,death and mysteries. You are very philosophical and possess great interest in research. You like to dominate and command others.

Health Condition

You become very vulnerable to the negative energies in your surroundings and even let them to overpower you. Overthinking is not good for you as there are high chances of getting things out of control in your case leading to health issues like a slower metabolism or indigestion for starters.

Professional Life

You are a very good conversationalist and this helps you in widening your horizons and increases your chances of getting into good profession. You are most probably a leader, businessman, forest or military officer etc.

Personal Life

Because of your temperamental differences with your spouse your married life is not so pleasant and harmonious.

Nakshatra Report

Nakshatra of a person influences his/her personality, strengths, weaknesses, and experiences.

Your Nakshatra is Jyestha - 1.

About Jyestha

Jyeshtha: The Chief or Elder Star (Scorpio 16 40’ to 30 00’). Jyeshtha is reflected through the fixed star Antares, which is located in the heart of the Scorpion.

The word Jyeshtha means 'Foremost'. Jyeshta means the eldest one, the senior most, the chief one, more excellent than, preferred one or someone or something supreme glorious. This is the 18th nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning form 16°-20' to 30°-00' in the sign of Scorpio. The symbols for Jyeshtha are an earring and an umbrella. The earring is a symbol of Vishnu’s discus, and the umbrella symbolizes protection and status. Jyeshtha also translates as the “eldest” or “seniormost”. It is related to the eldest sister Alakshmi, who is in the opposition constellation to Rohini, her beautiful sister located in Taurus. Issues with jealously and betrayal can be experienced here. The chief deity is Indra, the King of the Gods and protector of heroes. He is the spiritual warrior and “dragon slayer”. Jyeshtha has a rakshasa nature with artha as the primary motivation. The shakti of this asterism is “the power to rise, conquer, and gain courage in battle”. The ruling planet, Mercury, reflects the troubled, yet creative genius of this lunar mansion. Albert Einstein, Friedrich Nietzsche, Howard Hughes and Vincent Van Gogh all had their natal Moons in this nakshatra. It is the nakshatra of the creative eccentric. They have sharp Mars-like nature. Some of the common characteristics of this nakshatra are material richness, splendor and achievement which are a result of the influence of its ruling deity Indra. They are also very traditional, kind and philanthropic with a big and generous heart. They are very helpful and resourceful and people always benefit from their company. The natives of this nakshatra want to create a very good image about themselves in front of others. Once they have created an image they will do everything possible to live upto it. They command respect from people around them and are very confident and determined.


The natives of this nakshatra are considered to be emotionally and intellectually alert and are always guided by the pursuit of materialistic accomplishments. You are very soft and gentle-hearted with a lot of love and care for the needy. You have a very caring and affectionate nature. You always have a soft corner for the underprivileged and go an extra mile to help them. You are ambitious and put enough hard work to ensure that you make your dreams come true. At times you can be rash and impulsive, and it is also not your cup of tea to listen to the advice of others. You stress a lot on values, principles, and behavior characteristics and try your best to guide your actions based on them.

Female Native
You may have a normal average appearance with strong body, average height, and broad face. You are emotional, passionate, intelligent, thoughtful, and perceptive. You are always eager to know people's opinion on her. You are also quite intelligent and knows how to handle situations. You have good organizing skills and can take good care of things around her. You can have problems in marital life and might even have to go through the loss of her children. Chances of harassment by in-laws are also quite common in your life. However, you are a strong and determined woman who will face all these adversities with strength and confidence.

Physical Characteristics

Natives would possess a strong personality who carries great physique and tough stamina that make them look attractive in your own respect. You may have mole on the right side. You have a deep penetrative glaze which is easily noticeable and distinguishable. You have different facets of personality in them. It may be noticed that most of the persons born in this Nakshatra have defective teeth, either the teeth will have gap between them or bulged out. If these two defects are not there, then the color of teeth will be different.


You are full of luster and splendor, achievements fame and greatness You are an excellent conversationalist and have ability to organize people. You are hard-working and result oriented. You never deviate from your goals and will not let any distractions come in between. You are generous, responsible and independent. You have a high degree of self-reliance and self-discipline and are ever ready to shoulder any responsibility entrusted with. You are also very emotional and sensitive, which makes them good lovers. You have an inherent quality in them to achieve name and fame.


You are hot-headed and like dominating people with your authority. This makes you a sort of dictator. You can also be excessively obstinate, materialistic, and uncompromising. You are very rigid, and once You make a decision, which will hardly change it or listen to others. You are protective but at times tend to lose it to possessiveness, which totally negates the idea of being caring and protective. Some of your negative qualities also includes your uncontrollable anger and egotism.

Career Interest

Self-employed, business managers, Intellectuals, philosophers, researchers, Musicians, dancers, modeling, Military leaders, police detectives, shamans, athletes, Engineering, mining and exploration.

Famous Personalities (same Nakshatra)

Alka Yagnik, Naomi Campbell, Suchitra Sen, Nicole Kidman, Adele Adkins, Jennifer Aniston, Christopher Reeve, Michael Phelps, Pope Benedict XV, Tommie Smith, Albert Einstein, Charles Dickens, Nitish Kumar, Rahul Gandhi, Richard Gere, Thomas Jefferson, Atal Behari Vajpayee, Gemini Ganesan, Michael J Smith, Alexander Fleming, Al Pacino, Biswajit Chaterjee, Donald Trump, Jeff Goldblum, Tiger Woods, Vincent Van Gogh, Beethoven, Walt Disney, William Blake, Jim Morrison