Career Ups and Downs Prediction

Get ahead in your career with our AI-ML based Vedic astrology prediction models that forecast your ups and downs.
Our cutting-edge product, Career Ups and Downs, boasts an impressive 90% accuracy rate in predicting career trends based on deep-learning models validated over 100K+ Kundalis.
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Product Description

Details, features & methodology of the product

Our cutting-edge product, Career Ups and Downs, boasts an impressive 90% accuracy rate in predicting career trends based on deep-learning models validated over 100K+ Kundalis.

You will get answers to the following - 

  1. When my struggle related to career will end?
  2. Why am I facing so many troubles in office/business?
  3. What are the years that I can expect will be very bad, good and very good?
  4. How long my good period will last ?
  5. How many good and bad periods can I expect in my entire lifetime?
  6. When will my son or daughter's job struggle end ?

Predicting the trajectory of one's career can be a daunting task, as it is influenced by a multitude of factors such as individual actions, external circumstances, market trends, and unforeseen events. However, we have discovered an innovative solution through the combination of Vedic astrology and AI-ML deep learning models. Knowing in advance which years will be fruitful and which might not be can prove to be highly advantageous. It can provide you with immense peace of mind and save you a substantial amount of resources. During the bad years, instead of initiating new ventures, you can focus on conserving money, effort, and time. Conversely, during the good years, you can invest double the effort and financial resources to attain your objectives with greater ease.

Classical astrology books such as Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Uttara Kaalamrit, Bhavarth Ratnakar, Sarvarth Chintamani, Laghu Parashari, and Madhya Parashari provide various principles for predicting career ups and downs. However, using the human mind to apply these principles can lead to many errors. This is because thousands of hypotheses and conditions are now mentioned in those books, which are sometimes very complex and tricky.

In AstroNidan, we have programmed thousands of logical statements in Python language and trained and validated them through multiple AI/ML models over 100,000 Kundalis for best profession prediction.

Some of the salient features are - 

  1. Greater than 90%+ accuracy
  2. Validated over 100,000 Kundali
  3. Prediction of career trends over 60-year periods
  4. Visual representation of ups and downs in one career
    1. Yearly analysis categorizing bad and good years
    2. Monthly analysis categorizing bad and good years
  5. Report unique to your Kundali details
  6. High level of specificity and sensitivity 
  7. Does not suffer the problem of repeatability and reproducibility like a human astrologer

We have a team of Data Scientists, ML Scientists, Data Engineers, Sanskrit Scholars, Astrology Researchers, and Python Programmers engaged from top universities (IIT, IIM, JNU & BHU), who have worked tirelessly to build this product.

We have prepared this report after factoring in - 

  1. All permutations and combinations of Planet, Rashis & Nakshatras 
  2. Birth charts - Rashi (D1), Navamsha (D9), Dashamansha (D10) and Moon charts
  3. Evaluation of House-1, House-10 and House-7's house lords, their dignity, placement and residing planets
  4. Evaluation of Navamsha lords of Dashamasha lord
  5. Categorization of each month into five categories for every year of 60 year period.

We have used semi-supervised learning methods to explore hidden patterns & combinations and evaluated numerous ML models such as Neural networks, SVM, Random Forest, and gradient Boosting algorithms. We shortlisted the best-performing ML models and fine-tuned them further through our robust feature selection process.