Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr
Birth Date: Nov. 9, 1914
Birth Time: 7:30 p.m.
Birth City: Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Degree : 16º31'12.5"
Sun Sign*
Degree : 9º24'47.07"
Moon Sign
Pada : 2
Degree : 16º58'1.44"
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Kundali Details

Birth details and configuration for astrological analysis

Birth Details

Gender Female
Weekday Monday
Date Nov. 9, 1914
Time 7:30 p.m.
Daylight Saving No
City Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Geo-location 48ºN12'30.56",
Timezone Europe/Vienna

Residence Details

City Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Timezone Europe/Vienna


Time (Europe/Vienna) Nov. 09, 1914, 07:30:00 PM
Time (UTC) Nov. 09, 1914, 06:30:00 PM
Time (LMT) Nov. 09, 1914, 07:35:29 PM
Time (Julian) 2420446.27083333
LMT Correction 1.0914 Hrs
Ayanmsha True Chitra - 22º38'52.8"

Birth Place

Location of birth place on map - Lat: 48ºN12'30.56" Lon: 16ºN22'19.49"

Life Attributes

List of attributes/tags and tag associated with this kundali.


Body Part Problems | Surgery Psychological | Nervous Breakdown


Criminal Perpetrator | Lawsuit instigated Criminal Perpetrator | Thief/ Financial crime Criminal Victim | Lawsuit sued


Beauty | Sex-symbol Entertainment | Actor/ Actress


Home | Expatriate


Book Collection | Profiles Of Women


Body | Appearance gorgeous Body | Hair


Relationship | Number of Marriages Parenting | Foster, Step, or Adopted Kids Parenting | Kids 1-3 Parenting | Kids -Traumatic event

Life Story

Story of person and major life events assoicated with this Kundali

Austrian actress once considered to be the most beautiful woman in motion pictures, whose first film, "Ecstasy," 1937, had been banned in the U.S. for a nude scene. In remarkable contrast to her on-screen image, she owned the patent on which wireless data networking is based, having conceived the idea of transmitting information in such a way that instead of being transmitted on a single frequency, it could be sent on several. Lamarr was born in 1913, 1914, or 1915 depending on which bio you can believe (1914 has been the year most astrologers use) to a comfortably-fixed Viennese family, an only child. Permitted to appear in a few plays by her disapproving parents, she always wanted to be an actress. At age 15, she ran away from school, went to the Sascha Film Studio and was hired as a script girl. A producer saw her, gave her a screen test, and after several insignificant parts she was given the lead in a movie that became known as "Ecstasy," which contained the famous scene in which she swam nude. She came to the U.S. in 1937, not speaking English, with a film debut the following year in "Algiers." Movies that followed included "Lady of the Tropics," 1939, "I Take This Woman," 1939, "Boomtown," 1940, "Comrade X," 1940, "Ziegfield Girl," 1941, "Come Live with Me," 1941, "Tortilla Flat," 1942, "White Cargo," 1942, "Crossroads," 1942 and "Heavenly Body," 1943. Forming her own production company, Lamarr made two mediocre movies, "The Strange Woman," 1946, and "Dishonored Lady," 1947. Cecil B. DeMille cast her in the title role in "Sampson and Delilah," 1949, followed by "Copper Canyon," 1950, "My Favorite Spy," 1951 and an Italian flop, "The Face That Launched 1000 Ships," in 1953. She didn't appear in another production until 1957, "The Story of Mankind," which also flopped. Lamarr's connection with technology first surfaced in 1940. That summer, she and George Antheil, an internationally-famous musician, worked several months on the exact details of an invention that was loosely based on placing a synchronized player piano mechanism into a torpedo. Lamarr and Antheil dreamed up their frequency-hopping concept as a way to keep Nazi ships from jamming Allied torpedo signals. In December of 1940, they sent a description of their idea to the National Inventor's Council. The invention caused some excitement, and there was an article about it on 1 October 1941 in the "New York Times." Patent number 2,292,387 for the "secret communication system" was granted 11 August 1942 under her married name, Hedy Keisler Markey. It wasn't until 1957 that engineers at the Sylvania Electron Systems division used transistor electronics to accomplish the goal Lamarr and Antheil had in mind. In 1962, after her patent had expired, the concept of frequency hopping was used by the U.S. government in the communications system placed aboard ships sent out to blockade Cuba. Lamarr never earned a penny for the invention that is behind the latest in wireless Internet transmission, among other things. Lamarr was married six times. In 1933, she was placed into an arranged marriage with an Austrian armament manufacturer named Fritz Mandal, who was reputed to sell arms even in violation of the Versailles Treaty. She lived in the Salzburg Castle where the "Sound of Music" was filmed. They were married four years, when Hedy escaped to cruise to Hollywood, where the movie studios insisted she change her name to avoid the controversy over "Ecstasy." After Mandal, she married screenwriter Gene Markey, a 20th Century Fox producer; then John Loder, with whom she produced "Dishonored Lady" in 1947, and with whom she adopted her son, Anthony. After Loder was Ted Stauffer in 1951, with the marriage lasting less than a year. She married oilman Howard Lee in 1953, and they divorced in 1959. Another marriage, to an attorney, failed after two years. After her last picture in 1958, she went through a period of illness with psychological and family problems. In November 1965 she was arrested for leaving a Los Angeles department store with articles she'd neglected to pay for, but was acquitted and given a standing ovation in the courtroom. She moved to New York after this. Legal suits became a way of life. She once estimated that she has gone through $30 million. In 1966, her biography, "Ecstasy and Me," was published. Though she supposedly cooperated with its writing, she tried to get a court injunction to stop its publication. The injunction failed. On 12 March 1997, Lamarr, who resides in Florida, was finally honored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for her technology contribution. Her son, Anthony Loder, accepted an award for his mother, and played an audiotape of her for the audience - the first time she had spoken in public in over 20 years. Ironically, Anthony owns a phone store in Los Angeles in which half the phone systems are based on his mother's pioneering concept. Lamarr was found dead in her Orlando, Florida home on 19 January 2000, age 86. Link to Wikipedia biography

Life Events

List of life events assoicated with this Kundali profile
S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Begin Major Project

Dec. 1, 1940

Work : Begin Major Project December 1940 (Started work on electrical transmitted info) .



Oct. 1, 1941

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1 October 1941 (Article in N.Y. Times on invention) .



Jan. 1, 1946

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1946 (Own movie out of her own production company)



Jan. 1, 1949

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1949 (Film "Sampson and Delilah")



Jan. 1, 1958

Work : Retired 1958 (Last appeared in film)

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Crime Perpetrator

Nov. 1, 1965

Financial Crime Perpetration November 1965 (Arrested for shoplifting) .

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description


Aug. 10, 1933

Relationship : Marriage 10 August 1933 (Arranged marriage to Fritz Mandal) .



March 1, 1939

Relationship : Marriage 4 March 1939 (Gene Markey) .



May 27, 1943

Relationship : Marriage 27 May 1943 (John Loder) .



June 11, 1951

Relationship : Marriage 11 June 1951 (Ted Stauffer) .



Dec. 22, 1953

Relationship : Marriage 22 December 1953 (Howard Lee) .



Jan. 1, 1959

Relationship : Divorce dates 1959 (From Howard)



March 1, 1963

Relationship : Marriage 4 March 1963 (Lewis Boies) .

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Great Publicity

Aug. 11, 1942

Social : Great Publicity 11 August 1942 (Granted patent) .


Great Publicity

Jan. 1, 1966

Social : Great Publicity 1966 (Biography published)

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Residence Change

Jan. 1, 1937

Family : Change residence 1937 (Emmigrated to U.S.)


Birth Child

May 29, 1945

Family : Change in family responsibilities 29 May 1945 (birth of daughter) .


Birth Child

March 1, 1947

Family : Change in family responsibilities 1 March 1947 (birth of son) .

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Father Death

Feb. 21, 1935

Death of Father 21 February 1935 .


Mother Death

Feb. 27, 1977

Death of Mother 27 February 1977 .



Jan. 19, 2000

Death, Cause unspecified 19 January 2000 (Age 86) .

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