TS Eliot Kundali AstroNidan
Birth Date: Sept. 26, 1888
Birth Time: 7:45 a.m.
Birth City: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Degree : 3º52'32.2"
Sun Sign*
Degree : 22º4'34.54"
Moon Sign
Pada : 4
Degree : 3º23'41.49"
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Kundali Details Birth details and configuration for astrological analysis

Birth Details

Gender Male
Weekday Wednesday
Date Sept. 26, 1888
Time 7:45 a.m.
Daylight Saving No
City St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Geo-location 38ºN37'38.17", 90ºW11'52.4"
Timezone America/Chicago

Residence Details

City St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Timezone America/Chicago

Ayansmha Preference

Ayanmsha True Chitra
Ayanmsha Value 22º17'0.44"


Birth Time (America/Chicago) Sep. 26, 1888, 07:54:24 AM
Birth Time (UTC) Sep. 26, 1888, 01:45:00 PM
Birth Time (LMT) Sep. 26, 1888, 07:44:13 AM
Birth Time (Julian) 2410907.072917
LMT Correction (in Hrs) -6.0131

Birth Place Location of birth place on map - Lat: 38ºN37'38.17" Lon: 90ºW11'52.4"

Life Attributes List of attributes/tags and tag associated with this kundali.


Awards | Nobel prize Awards | Vocational award Famous | Top 5% of Profession


Mind | Education extensive Personality | Private


Home | Expatriate


Writers | Critic Writers | Playwright/ script Writers | Poet Writers | Publisher/ Editor


Childhood | Advantaged Relationship | Marriage - Very happy Relationship | Number of Marriages Relationship | Stress - Chronic misery Relationship | Widowed


Religion/Spirituality | Philosopher/ Humanist

Life Story Story of person and major life events assoicated with this Kundali

American-British poet, playwright, literary critic and editor; he was a leader of the modernistic movement in poetry. Eliot was awarded both the British Order of Merit and the Nobel Prize for Literature. Born into a distinguished New England family and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, he got not pressure to be "practical" and go into business. From private high schools he went on to Harvard University from 1906 to 1909, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in three years. He went to France, attending philosophy lectures at the Sorbonne and reading poetry, including Dante, John Webster, John Donne, and Jules Laforge, the French Symbolist. These studies helped him find his own voice and style. From 1911 to 1914 he studied Sanskrit and read Indian philosophy back at Harvard. During that period he read Bradley’s "Appearance and Reality" and by 1916 he had finished a dissertation on it, but World War I prevented his return to take the final oral examination for the Doctor of Philosophy degree. In 1914 he established residence in London and in 1927 he was confirmed in the Church of England and became a British subject. Also in 1914 he met the American poet, Ezra Pound, and began a close association with him. He was briefly a teacher and a bank clerk and meanwhile was a prolific reviewer and writer in both literary criticism and technical philosophy. In 1919 he published "Poems" which included "Gerontion," a meditative interior monologue in blank verse like nothing before published in English. His career as an editor was always secondary to his main interests. From 1922 to 1939 he edited his own quarterly, the Criterion, which was the most distinguished international critical journal of its time. In 1925 he started working for the publishing house of Faber and Faber where he eventually became a director. Probably one of the most erudite English poets of his time, his first important published work and the first masterpiece of modernism in English was "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock." With the publication of his most famous poem about the disenchantment and disgust after World War I, "The Waste Land," in 1922 Eliot earned an international reputation. His later poetry and plays included his masterpiece, "The Four Quartets," which was published as a book in 1943. The four poems made quite an impression on the public and led to the award of the Nobel Prize for Literature and the British Order of Merit in 1948. He won many other awards for his work. His plays, which began with "Sweeney Agonistes," published in 1926 and ended with "The Elder Statesman" in 1958 are considered inferior to his lyrical, meditative poetry. Eliot kept his private life rigorously to himself. He married Vivian Haigh-Wood in 1915, and after she became mentally ill they lived apart until she died in 1947. In January 1957 he married Valerie Fletcher and lived happily with her until his death on 1/04/1965, London. Link to Wikipedia biography

Life Events List of life events assoicated with this Kundali profile

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description


Jan. 1, 1916

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1916 (Dissertation done)



Jan. 1, 1919

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1919 (Published "Poems")


New Career

Jan. 1, 1922

Work : New Career 1922 (Edited a quarterly publication, 17 years)


Gain Social Status

Jan. 1, 1922

Work : Gain social status 1922 (International fame)


New Career

Jan. 1, 1925

Work : New Career 1925 (Director of Faber and Faber)



Jan. 1, 1926

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1926 (First play published)



Jan. 1, 1943

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1943 (Book published)



Jan. 1, 1948

Work : Prize 1948 (Nobel Prize for Literature)



Jan. 1, 1948

Work : Prize 1948 (British Order of Merit)

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Relationship Begin

Jan. 1, 1914

Relationship : Begin significant relationship 1914 (Met friend Ezra Pound)



June 26, 1915

Relationship : Marriage 26 June 1915 in Hampstead (First marriage Vivian Haigh-Wood) .



Jan. 10, 1957

Relationship : Marriage 10 January 1957 at 06:15 AM in London (Second marriage, Valerie Fletcher) .

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Degree Enrollment

Jan. 1, 1906

Social : Begin a program of study 1906 (Harvard University)


Degree Completion

Jan. 1, 1909

Social : End a program of study 1909 (B.A. degree from Harvard)


Degree Enrollment

Jan. 1, 1911

Social : Begin a program of study 1911 (Studied Sanskrit at Harvard)


Joined Organization

Jan. 1, 1927

Social : Joined group 1927 (Became British citizen)

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Residence Change

Jan. 1, 1914

Family : Change residence 1914 (Moved to London)

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Partner Death

Jan. 1, 1947

Death of Mate 1947 (Vivian died)



Jan. 1, 1965

Death by Disease 4 January 1965 in London (Emphysema, age 76) .

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