Yoko Ono Kundali AstroNidan
Birth Date: Feb. 18, 1933
Birth Time: 8:30 p.m.
Birth City: Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Degree : 29º22'45.73"
Sun Sign*
Degree : 18º13'4.73"
Moon Sign
Pada : 1
Degree : 15º32'6.03"
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Kundali Details Birth details and configuration for astrological analysis

Birth Details

Gender Female
Weekday Saturday
Date Feb. 18, 1933
Time 8:30 p.m.
Daylight Saving No
City Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Geo-location 35ºN41'22.2", 139ºE41'30.16"
Timezone Asia/Tokyo

Residence Details

City Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Timezone Asia/Tokyo

Ayansmha Preference

Ayanmsha True Chitra
Ayanmsha Value 22º54'41.78"


Birth Time (Asia/Tokyo) Feb. 18, 1933, 08:30:00 PM
Birth Time (UTC) Feb. 18, 1933, 11:30:00 AM
Birth Time (LMT) Feb. 18, 1933, 08:48:46 PM
Birth Time (Julian) 2427121.979167
LMT Correction (in Hrs) 9.3128

Birth Place Location of birth place on map - Lat: 35ºN41'22.2" Lon: 139ºE41'30.16"

Life Attributes List of attributes/tags and tag associated with this kundali.


Book Collection | Profiles Of Women


Body | Race Personality | Eccentric


Financial | Gain - Money Through Marriage Financial | Wealthy Home | Expatriate Work | Skills - Multi-faceted


Art | Fine art artist Entertain/Business | Production jobs Writers | Poet


Childhood | Advantaged Parenting | Kids 1-3 Relationship | Mate - Interracial Relationship | Number of Marriages Relationship | Stress - Traumatic event Relationship | Widowed


Criminal Perpetrator | Lawsuit instigated Sexuality | Extremes in quantity

Life Story Story of person and major life events assoicated with this Kundali

Japanese conceptual artist, musician, designer, composer, poet and performer, the widow of ex-Beatle John Lennon. Ono was the daughter of a prominent Tokyo banking family and enjoyed an privileged, aristocratic childhood. When rumors of a Tokyo bombing began to spread during World War II, her parents send her to the countryside to keep her safe from attack. The family moved to Scarsdale, NY in 1951, where Ono studied art at Sarah Lawrence College for three years but left without a degree. Striking out on her own, she began creating the austere, experimental pieces that were to become central to her oeuvre while studying independently under artist John Cage. Reveling in the creative process, Ono began to show her avant-garde work at public exhibitions. Ono married Japanese musician Toshi Ichiyanagi in 1957, already well ensconced in a bohemian lifestyle that included casual affairs. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1964. Later that same year she married artist and filmmaker Tony Cox who won custody of their child, Kyoko, when the marriage officially ended in 1969. Ono then became an ardent member of the Fluxus movement, an international affiliation of radical artists that synthesized Dada, Duchamp, and John Cage and operated in the U.S. from 1960-1978 under the stewardship of artist George Maciunas. As a successful conceptual artist, she was exhibiting her work in London where she met married Beatle John Lennon in 1966 at her gallery show. It was love at first sight, and their private meeting after the show prompted Lennon's classic "Norwegian Wood." The sparks didn't fizzle out between the couple, and "other woman" Ono became the target of scathing criticism in the wake of Lennon's inevitable divorce and the break-up of the Beatles. Marrying Lennon in Gibraltar on 3/20/1969, Ono suddenly became world-famous. The couple began a crusade for peace, collaborating politically and musically by staging elaborate anti-war protests and recording "Give Peace a Chance," under the name "The Plastic Ono Band." They settled in New York and continued to record and perform their own music during the '70s, yet whenever Ono performed her decidedly experimental music on her own, she received negative reviews. Their son Sean was born10/09/1975, when Lennon retired to raise him full-time. Ono successfully supervised Lennon's loosely managed finances and handled all business matters of recording, royalties and revenue. The couple publicly emerged from all-consuming parenthood in 1980 with their album "Double Fantasy." When Lennon was assassinated on the sidewalk outside their Manhattan apartment building on 12/8/1980 at 10:50 PM EST, it sent shock waves across the planet.. Ono then withdrew to raise Sean as a single mom, putting her musical career on the shelf in the late '80s after the release of her albums "Starpeace," "Season of Glass," and "Rising." "It's silly to bring out something when there's no demand." After several reclusive years, Yoko Ono re-emerged. In 1989 the Whitney Museum mounted a retrospect of her conceptual art. She produced an off-Broadway musical, "New York Rock," that opened in April 1994. In 1996, 62 year old rock-and-roller Ono toured nationally with son Sean's band "IMA". She makes her home in New York with companion Sam Havadtoy. Link to Wikipedia biography

Life Events List of life events assoicated with this Kundali profile

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Gain Social Status

Jan. 1, 1989

Work : Gain social status 1989 (Retrospect of her art shown at Whitney)



April 1, 1994

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released April 1994 (Play opened, New York Rock) .

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Significant Relationship Begin

Jan. 1, 1968

Relationship : Meet a significant person 1968 (Met John Lennon)



March 20, 1969

Relationship : Marriage 20 March 1969 (John Lennon) .

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Birth Child

Oct. 1, 1975

Family : Change in family responsibilities 9 October 1975 (Son Sean born) .

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Partner Death

Dec. 1, 1980

Death of Mate 8 December 1980 (Lennon assassinated) .

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description


April 13, 1999

Crime : Law suit 13 April 1999 (Against Frederic Seaman, withholding Lennon personal effects) .

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