Nastassja Kinski Kundali AstroNidan
Birth Date: Jan. 24, 1961
Birth Time: 12:54 a.m.
Birth City: Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Degree : 3º46'6.45"
Sun Sign*
Degree : 14º15'35.66"
Moon Sign
Pada : 1
Degree : 7º53'11.99"
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Kundali Details Birth details and configuration for astrological analysis

Birth Details

Gender Female
Weekday Tuesday
Date Jan. 24, 1961
Time 12:54 a.m.
Daylight Saving No
City Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Geo-location 52ºN31'27.73", 13ºE24'37.91"
Timezone Europe/Berlin

Residence Details

City Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Timezone Europe/Berlin

Ayansmha Preference

Ayanmsha True Chitra
Ayanmsha Value 23º17'56.37"


Birth Time (Europe/Berlin) Jan. 24, 1961, 12:54:00 AM
Birth Time (UTC) Jan. 23, 1961, 11:54:00 PM
Birth Time (LMT) Jan. 24, 1961, 12:47:39 AM
Birth Time (Julian) 2437323.495833
LMT Correction (in Hrs) 0.8942

Birth Place Location of birth place on map - Lat: 52ºN31'27.73" Lon: 13ºE24'37.91"

Life Attributes List of attributes/tags and tag associated with this kundali.


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Home | Expatriate Home | Many moves


Entertainment | Actor/ Actress


Childhood | Parents divorced Parenting | Hardship - Little money Parenting | Kids 1-3 Relationship | Divorce bitter Relationship | Mate - Interracial Relationship | Mate - Noted Relationship | Number of Divorces Relationship | Number of Marriages Relationship | Stress - Domestic violence


Criminal Perpetrator | Assault/ Battery Criminal Victim | Assault/ Battery victim

Life Story Story of person and major life events assoicated with this Kundali

German actress and noted family, the winner Golden Globe Award in 1981 for her starring role in "Tess of the D'Urbervilles." The photograph of her entitled "Woman with Snake" in 1982 by Richard Avedon became the No. 1 selling poster in America. Other films include: "Father's Day," 1997, "Terminal Velocity" 1996, "Faraway, So Close," 1993, "Hotel New Hampshire," 1984 and "One From The Heart," in 1982. Kinski is the daughter of German actors Klaus and Ruth Kinski. Due to the nature of her parents' work, her childhood was spent "all over the place." With a home life "full of fights and tears, happiness and sweetness and breakdowns where we would destroy the house and then make up," Kinski's parents divorced when she was nine. At 13 she was introduced to director Wim Wenders, who cast her in her first film the following year. After meeting American director Roman Polanski at a dinner party in 1976, he sent her to study acting with Lee Strassberg and then cast her in his film version of the classic Thomas Hardy novel "Tess of the D'Urbervilles," where her performance of Tess won her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress the following year. A steady stream of roles in European and American films followed. Kinski was receiving reviews calling her "the new Garbo" but her ascent to international stardom was put on hold in 1984 when she became pregnant, After their baby was born, Kinski married Egyptian film producer Ibrahim Moussa in 1984. With son Aljosha and daughter Sonya, they settled in Rome, but divorced in 1992. Her former lovers included Roman Polanski and Gerard Depardieu. By 1992 she was a couple with Quincy Jones in Hollywood; their baby Kenya was born 2/09/1993; they separated in 1995. Single mom "Nasty" maintains her film career while balancing the responsibilities of child rearing. "I'm at peace with myself. I think I'm really learning to do that and try to achieve that [peace]. I look forward and upward," she says on a positive note. However she and Mossa retained a hostile battle over custody of the kids. On 6/17/1998, they got into so violent a fight that the cops were called to Mossa's Bel Air home and both were booked for spousal battery. Kinski had gone to pick up the kids, and confronted her ex about the circumcision he had scheduled for Aljosha without her consent. According to the police report, she had slapped and scratched Moussa, and he had responded with a knee to her stomach. Link to Wikipedia biography

Life Events List of life events assoicated with this Kundali profile

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description


Jan. 1, 1981

Work : Prize 1981 (Best Actress Golden Globe)



Jan. 1, 1982

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1982 (Photograph, "Woman With Snake")



Jan. 1, 1982

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1982 (Film, "One From The Heart")



Jan. 1, 1984

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1984 (Film, "Hotel New Hampshire")



Jan. 1, 1993

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1993 (Film, "Faraway, So Close")



Jan. 1, 1996

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1996 (Film, "Terminal Velocity")



Jan. 1, 1997

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1997 (Film, "Father's Day")

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Significant Relationship Begin

Jan. 1, 1976

Relationship : Meet a significant person 1976 (Director Roman Polanski, future lover)



Jan. 1, 1984

Relationship : Marriage 1984 (Ibrahim Moussa)



Jan. 1, 1992

Relationship : Divorce dates 1992 (Ibrahim Moussa)


Relationship Begin

Jan. 1, 1992

Relationship : Begin significant relationship 1992 at 12:00 midnight in Hollywood, CA (With Quincy Jones)


Relationship End

Jan. 1, 1995

Relationship : End significant relationship 1995 (With Quincy Jones)

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Birth Child

Feb. 1, 1993

Family : Change in family responsibilities 9 February 1993 (Baby born) .

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

Assault Perpetrator

June 17, 1998

Crime : Assault/ Battery Perpetration 17 June 1998 at 12:00 noon in Bel Air, CA (Slapped and scratched her ex) .


Assault Victim

June 17, 1998

Crime : Assault/ Battery Victimization 17 June 1998 at 12:00 noon in Bel Air, CA (Kneed in stomach by her ex) .

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