Dolly Parton Kundali AstroNidan
Birth Date: Jan. 19, 1946
Birth Time: 8:25 p.m.
Birth City: Sevierville, Tennessee, United States
Degree : 29º26'6.44"
Sun Sign*
Degree : 7º52'39.28"
Moon Sign
Pada : 3
Degree : 21º37'46.32"
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Kundali Details Birth details and configuration for astrological analysis

Birth Details

Gender Female
Weekday Saturday
Date Jan. 19, 1946
Time 8:25 p.m.
Daylight Saving No
City Sevierville, Tennessee, United States
Geo-location 35ºN52'5.34", 83ºW33'42.62"
Timezone America/New_York

Residence Details

City Sevierville, Tennessee, United States
Timezone America/New_York

Ayansmha Preference

Ayanmsha True Chitra
Ayanmsha Value 23º5'20.8"


Birth Time (America/New_York) Jan. 19, 1946, 09:25:00 PM
Birth Time (UTC) Jan. 20, 1946, 02:25:00 AM
Birth Time (LMT) Jan. 19, 1946, 08:50:45 PM
Birth Time (Julian) 2431840.600694
LMT Correction (in Hrs) -5.5708

Birth Place Location of birth place on map - Lat: 35ºN52'5.34" Lon: 83ºW33'42.62"

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Body | Hair Body | Size Personality | Charismatic Personality | Loved by all Personality | Principled strongly


Financial | Philanthropist Financial | Rags to riches Financial | Wealthy Social Life | Family


Business | Entrepreneur Business | Top executive Business/Marketing | Advertising Entertain/Music | Country-Western Entertain/Music | Folk Music Entertain/Music | Instrumentalist Entertain/Music | Song writer Entertain/Music | Vocalist/ Pop, Rock, etc. Entertainment | Actor/ Actress Writers | Autobiographer


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Body Part Problems | Cosmetic surgery Body Part Problems | Surgery


Sexuality | Sex Organs

Life Story Story of person and major life events assoicated with this Kundali

American country singer, songwriter, actress; small, buxom and endearing with a cheerful genuine sweetness. Parton came up from being dirt poor to country music stardom in the 1970s. She crossed over to the pop music charts with her hit from the film, "9 to 5" in 1980. She appeared in hit movies in the '80s and tried her abilities with her own ABC variety show, "Dolly" in the fall of 1987. In 1986, she opened her $75 million amusement park, "Dollywood" in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The Park is as enthusiastically and unashamedly tacky as her own over-the-top image. By 1993, "Dollywood" was racking in $30 million annually. She has written more than 3,000 songs, including "I Will Always Love You" which Whitney Houston shot up to the top of the pop charts in 1992. She has written her autobiography for Harper Collins, "Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business," 1994. Parton was one of 12 kids, six of whom were born at home in a two-room cabin in Sevierville, Tennessee. She has written about growing up in a poor and full-of-love family in many of her country songs. As a child, she was fascinated by the look of the town tramp and enjoyed sneaking makeup behind the backs of the strict parents and grandparents. She helped raise five of her brothers and sisters while her parents were busy working on the farm. In 1958, she appeared on the Grand Ole Opry. At 16, she attended Sevier County High School and tried to be a friend to everyone she met. She left home to try her songwriting abilities in Nashville, TN by the time she was 18. As a success, she stayed close to her kin, putting so many of them to work in her various entrepreneurial guises that she handled the support of an estimated 100 relatives. Parton established her career as a country music performer and songwriter penning songs that were loved and admired by her country contemporaries. She sang with her musical partner, Porter Wagoner, who eventually sued the singer for $1 million. As a top performer in 1980, Parton was earning $350,000 a week. Parton won four Grammy's and Country Music Association awards from her colleagues. By 1993, the country artist had released more than 60 albums. Parton made advances in the film industry with her debut in the film "9 to 5" with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. She landed starring roles in "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," 1982, "Rhinestone," 1984 and "Steel Magnolias" in 1989. Parton stopped recording, canceled concerts and refused film scripts during a personal health crisis between 1985-1986. In January 1994, Parton joined other celebrities in promoting her own personal cosmetic line with infomercials on television. Revlon paid the singer $2 million to hawk the "Dolly Parton" cosmetic kits. As of 1995, Parton began to donate large amounts of books to her native Sevier County in Tennessee. By 2000, she and her business partners had donated $7 million to expand the program to include other parts of the country. To date her Imagination Library has given away over 100,000 volumes. She says that she enjoys the involvement in education as her folks were never able to read and write, and she likes to stand up for things that she believes in. Being honest and fair, meaning something to someone, especially as a role model; is a wonderful compliment, she states. Parton married 6' 3" real estate developer Carl Dean in 1966. Dean prefers to live in their home in Tennessee while his wife performs and tours alone. For many years, the camera-shy Dean was considered a fictitious husband by the media. The couple believe that separate lives away from each other makes their marriage stronger and they spend little time together as Parton manages her complex career as a performing and recording artist, actress, and entrepreneur. After her partial hysterectomy before the age of 40, Parton grieved over her loss of not giving birth. In the early '90s, she has come to accept her childlessness and cherish her many nieces and nephews. With a strong belief in God, she always carried her Bible while touring. In 1982, Parton underwent an ulcer operation and suffered gynecological problems. Tiny at 5' tall with an awesome bosom, spike heels and towering hair, she makes no secret of having her body sculpted over the years with cosmetic surgery, and sports great wigs and clothes. Every couple years she has nips and tucks to maintain a youthful appearance and is sensitive and irritable about the subject. In 1984, she transformed herself, dropping approximately 40 lb. by eating healthier foods. In the past she preferred Velveeta cheese, sweets, funnel cakes and pizza. She maintains her slim petite 17-inch waist by fasting one day a week and eating smaller portion meals throughout the day. She refuses to exercise. Link to Wikipedia biography

Life Events List of life events assoicated with this Kundali profile

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description

New Career

Jan. 1, 1980

Work : New Career 1980 (Film debut)


Start Business

Jan. 1, 1986

Work : Start Business 1986 (Built amusement park, "Dollywood")



Jan. 1, 1987

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1987 (Own TV show)



Jan. 1, 1994

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1994 (Autobiography)



Jan. 1, 1994

Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1994 (Released her autobiography)



Sept. 22, 1999

Work : Prize 22 September 1999 (Country Music Hall of Fame) .

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description


Jan. 1, 1966

Relationship : Marriage 1966 (Carl Dean)

S.No. Event Type Event Date Event Description


Jan. 1, 1982

Health : Medical procedure 1982 (Ulcer surgery)


Appearance Change

Jan. 1, 1984

Health : Change in Appearance 1984 (Dropped 40 lbs.)

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